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Local - Sharp - Service 

SC BLADES is a proffesionally trained sharpening service, local in nature for the maintenance of your Siccors, Clipper Blades and Knives.   We can also arrange for your animal rugs to be cleaned, reproofed, and repaired if you wish,  as well as the servicing of your Cippers.  


 SC BLADES serves the Southampton area from BOTLEY and LYNDHURST as well as the Portsmouth area from COWPLAIN, and we have  customers from other places in Hampshire  -  Winchester  to Petersfield for example.



Although our service  is essentially personal ,  we can provide postal transactions  if that is your preference



Sometimes we  can  provide a same day  service,


24hour turn round


7 day collection


 and we provide,  by arrangement, a drop in point  at any of our three outlets, so you are not fixed by our routine collection days.






                                                                                  Dog Groomers


                                                                                 Equestrian centres


                                                                                Cattle/ sheep farms
















                                                                            and Domestic customers



                                                                                     ------- 000 ------



                                                                       Servicing, maintenance and spares


                                                                         Agent for proffessional scissors


                                                                         Sales of oils, lubricants and cleaners


                                                                    Rug treatments as well as insect repellents



                                                                                            ------ 000 ------



                                                                Then there is always the conversation and advice